Official Oblique Stroke Warnings Policy


I consider myself primarily a writer of the fluffy and romantic persuasion. Most of my stories are about things like snuggling, making out, finding True Love, and cooking dinner. Some of them contain explicit descriptions of sexual activity. They nearly all have either happy or at least hopeful endings.

I will note if any story contains one or more of the following elements:

  • Depictions of rape, sexual abuse, or other non-con
  • Graphic depictions of violence
  • Explicit depictions of sexual activity
  • Depictions of underage sexual activity
  • Depictions of suicide or self-harm

If an element is not on the above list, I will not note it as a matter of course. I may note elements that are not on this list if, given the story context, it seems appropriate to do so.

If you have would like to know if one of my stories contains an element not listed above, please contact me and I will happily let you know.