Hourglass Challenge Story

By Thermidor

For LK who hates death stories and for Ces who likes tentacles

Thursday, 9 September 1999

That afternoon, before the radio station went off the air for the last time, there was encouraging news. A laboratory in San Diego had developed a vaccine for the virus and production would begin immediately. But for those in the Yukon, it would be too late. Winter closed around them like a shroud; indeed the snows over the cabin would serve as their burial raiment. The two men and their wolf huddled close, freezing despite their fevers. Benton Fraser closed his eyes for the last time and saw a light. It was faintly greenish, not what he had seen his parents walk into, but it was light and he was content.

Kridag, 12 Thorknoy 3087

Ray Kowalski felt warm air on his face and the only thing that surprised him was that hell wasn’t as hot as he expected. He became aware of voices; he could understand them although he realized they weren’t speaking in English and probably not any sort of Polish either.

“Officer Kang?”

“Yes, Dr. Kodos?”

“The Homo sapiens have completed the transition from cryogenic state to consciousness. They are in excellent condition. The canis lupus has already been released; he is also in excellent health. He had auditory damage which may have preceded the freezing process. Nevertheless, Dr. Kargh has corrected the damage and outfitted him with a speech translation device. He reports feeling much better, although he keeps asking for a ‘donut’. We are searching the database; Kargh suspects it may be his sidearm," said the man who Ray ascertained must be Dr. Kodos.

Ray figured he must on a lot of drugs in this hospital. With great effort and equal nervousness, he opened his eyes.

A huge green figure with something that he hoped was a stethoscope around his neck area, waved several tentacles at him in what he hoped was a cheerful greeting.

“Good day, Refugee 7849-Zed Kowalski! We are glad to see you awake! Come and join your companion 7847-Zed in our lounge. We expect 7848-Zed will join you shortly."

His spiky hair made a myriad of small punctures in the pillow as Ray fainted dead away.


The end

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