Three Drabbles

By Thermidor

Threesome drabble

There were three Mounties at the consulate.

The first was the Mountie in charge. She seemed to have a chip on her shoulder and sometimes her petite figure seemed brittle. Ray thought she was too hard and too cold and too small.

The second was the junior Mountie. He was tall and broad but too eager to please. He was too big, too soft, too warm.

The third Mountie though, was not too bulky or too petite. He seemed aloof sometimes, but warmed when you got to know him. He was strong but caring. Ray thought he was just right.

Cliche Challenge Drabble

What did it say that he had to be drunk for this?

Not completely drunk, not too drunk to fuck because that would totally miss the point. Just drunk enough to be horny and desperate; just sober enough to call.

Of course, Vecchio was sober. Sober enough anyway to drive over, to make up some excuse to his family or Fraser.

Vecchio hadn’t turned him down yet. He usually got there fast and would stay for hours, until they were both exhausted, sweaty, and sated.

Ray didn’t know which one of them was more pathetic.

Ray picked up the phone.

Masturbation Challenge Drabble

Armando likes the showgirls, with their bright smiles that had made some orthodontist rich and their cleavage that had done the same for some plastic surgeon. Armando likes the fawning attention, the way they'll do anything to please him. They blow him or he fucks them; it's fine, he plays his part well.

What he looks forward to more, though, is after the girls leave, when he lies on the big bed in the penthouse and imagines it a small bed in a run down apartment. He wraps his hand around his erection, and whispers "Benny, Benny" as he comes.


The end

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