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MaggieFic: The Recs are not in alphabetical order, or indeed any sort of order save that of our jumbled thought processes. They will be updated on a fairly regular basis, and will include anything that we feel is worth reading, regardless of genre or fandom. We aren't picky: all we want is quality. We are purposefully NOT including all the stories that we love, so as to leave room for future updates, so the omission of any given story is not necessarily a comment on our opinion of its worth.(1)

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MaggieFic: The Recs 

Updated March 26, 2003

Yes, OKAY, I know. Too long between updates. Bad, wicked, naughty me! I had... stuff. To do. Anyway. Look! Over there! Fic!

Some Humor Fic:

And Now For Something Completely Different by Silvia (HP)

OK, so apparently I have a little thing for genderswap stories. As is the case with so much in my life, I blame Helen. Anyway, this particular genderswap story is dealt with in a delightful way, as the first paragraph can attest:

When Harry Potter woke up a girl, he promptly went back to bed.

"You're a girl," Ron said, and Harry said that yes, he was quite aware of that, and they slept in for two more hours because it was Saturday and last night had been Quidditch practice until some truly obscene time, of which he wasn't really sure.

"You're still a girl, Harry," Ron said when they had woken up again and were brushing their teeth.

Harry looked into the mirror, squinted, and then fished his glasses out from under his pajamas.

"Better heard over to see Madam Pomfrey before lunch," Harry said, and shrugged.

And it just gets better from there. Funny. Snarky. Sweet. Bonus points for one of my favorite Ron/Hermione subplots ever!

Situational Ethics by Merry Lynne (XF/Sen)

I can't believe I've never recced this story before. I certainly feel like I have. I certainly quote it enough. This is a tiny little XF/Sentinel crossover, and I was howling with laughter on nearly every line. Blair and Mulder's conversation is a priceless gift to humanity. Read. Laugh. Enjoy.

Wesley's Liberal Guilt by Jessica and Te (AtS)

Another humor rec, this one poking sly fun at just about everyone, but in the best of ways. I love the Gunn here, especially, and Wesley, too, bless him, with his textbooks and his pith helmet. An enduring favorite, even if it does make you squirm a bit at times in half-embarrassed, half-laughing self-recognition.

Don't Go Up There! by Delores Labouchere (BtVS)

A tiny absurdist gem. The best bit about it is Oz's complete and total Oz-ness about the whole thing. To say more would spoil it.

Some Other Fic:

Four Dicks by The Spike (BtVS)

Oh, dear. Xander is a fucked-up puppy here. So is Giles. So am I, for enjoying it so much. Drink and pain and sex and love and scar and bone and betrayal.

Champions by Sarah T. (AtS)

I love the way Sarah writes Gunn, and I love this picture of the way the three of them pulled together when it looked like things would fall apart. This story makes me get all stand-up-straighter feeling and makes me want to have a Scary Black People rally of my own, despite the fact that I'm missing two out of three qualifications.

Fresh Meat by usagibrian (BtVS)

Quite a surprise, and one I liked a lot. It's a Graham/Larry story, and while you could make a plausible argument that there wasn't enough canon for them to make this pairing anything but Any Two Guys, this one really works for me.

Death of Raymond Vecchio and Small Growing Things by cmshaw (DS)

Funnily enough, I had these in the rec queue a long time before I actually met cmshaw. Now I've known her for a year, and had completely forgotten that I had her on the list. So here are two very different stories from a very cool author. "Small Growing Things" is my favorite of all her work. Fraser is settling in to Ray's life, and he's happy. This fic never fails to make me happy, too, and I always go away from it smiling, with the smell of earth on my mind.

Death of Raymond Vecchio is harder to describe without just giving in and saying "just read it, OK? It's cool." It's about Ray Vecchio, and Ray Vecchio, and tenacity and dying and not-dying, and somehow in between its lines you can catch glimpses of something very exciting ahead for both of them.

Secrets by Cara Chapel (DS)

And here again, another gender-swap story in this update. (I don't have a kink! I don't! Much.) I don't usually go for the Vecchio/Fraser pairing (I like them both better with Kowalski, go figure) but this story is one of the rare occasions when it works for me-- and I mean really works. Ray Vecchio runs into a gypsy, with the usual results. The best thing about this story, to me, is that it doesn't just play the "Ray is a woman!" card for laughs (although there are laughs, oh my yes, laughs aplenty). It's a funny story, but unexpectedly poignant-- and, incidentally, utterly and forever the hottest thing I've read in about six months. (It's het! It's slash! It's.... hash?)

Tilt by Resonant (DS)

Classic Resonant, which means a good time will be had by all. How can you go wrong with beer and pinball and The Who? And the sex. Let's not forget that. A happy, comfortable, sweet Fraser/Kowalski tale featuring one of the top five hottest Frasers I've ever seen. ("You'll thank me later." GUH.)

Rabbit Jumps Out the Window by Basingstoke (DS)

I love Maggie, Fraser's half-sister, and she doesn't get near as much airtime in fic as I would like. This quiet little story by Basingstoke manages somehow to tell you a thousand important things without ever saying any of them. It's the middle of the night on a Tuesday, and Fraser and Maggie talk about knots and tanning hides and baiting mousetraps, and love and justice and betrayal, and somehow it's all the same thing.

Colorblind by Amirin (XF)

I was a little unsure if I should include this one or not, because I had, frankly, remembered it as a better story than it was. I decided, though, that despite its flaws, the key plot point here is enough to make me want to ensure that people don't miss it. The first time I read this story, there came a point of realization that literally had me staring, gape-mouthed and frozen, at the screen, and I can forgive a lot for that. Plus, I always like a story that can take some minor, throwaway point of canon and turn it into something pivotal, and that is well done here.


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(1)Unless it's the Pooh Bear story. That one is unquestionably putrid.