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MaggieFic: The Recs 2001

November 02, 2001

It's been a while since the last update- pesky RL, keeping me from my rec-ing duties. I haven't updated, but I have been collecting titles to rec, so we've got a huge list this time (and this update isn't even the whole list.) Stories are grouped by fandom. Oh, and I've acquired yet another new fandom, too- Buffy (which includes Angel: The Series fic as well.) So. Without further ado, here are a multitude of places to go amuse yourself. Oh, and it's all slash unless otherwise noted.


Civilization by Basingstoke - I've always been a sucker for stories that can take a completely unlikely or uncommon pairing and really make it work. This one totally qualifies. Don't let the fact that it's about computer games, the Lone Gunmen, and sex throw you. "Civilization" is touching and tender and real, capturing the guys' voices perfectly and also featuring my favorite Frohike line in a fanfic, ever.

Cross Mills by Jerry - a beautiful, original, moving post-ep for "Closure." It's one of those stories that makes you get all sniffly in that bittersweet way, and then smile through the tears. Especially recced for anyone who has fond memories of the books they read as a child. (Genfic.)

The Long Lowering Hour by CazQ - Remember "Tithonius"? That one where Scully got shot in New York? This is a lyric and lovely tale of her recovery. And, you know, any fic where Mulder reads E.M. Forster aloud to a convalescent Scully is automatically worth reading on that basis alone. Beautiful. (MSR. Not slash!)

Subcutaneous by Maria Nicole - One of the great long mytharc stories, set in the golden days of the cancer arc. To say too much would spoil it entirely- just read it. But be warned. When I read it for the first time, I had taken my books to the late lamented Billy Bob's, and ended up blubbing shamelessly into my mozzerella sticks, hoping against hope that nobody would notice me. So don't read anywhere that others can see you. (MSR)


I couldn't decide whether to rec Laura JV's Dog Tags series or her Gone Native series, so I decided to take the easy way and rec them both. Very different and equally cool. "Dog Tags" is more of a possible-future thing, with cool Sentinel-Guide Bond action and Blair finally getting the respect he deserves; "Gone Native" shows us the reactions of many different people- including Naomi, Carolyn, and Eli Stoddard- to the phenomenon of Jim And Blair.

Major Crimes by Merry Lynne - this is a classic, and if you haven't read it yet, go read it now! The archetypal Senslash story, with all the fun we've come to expect, including Poker Night, The Mutual Discovery of Love, and The Bullpen Gang Find Out. Whee!

Exit Wound by Brighid - Darker and more tense than one usually expects from Bridhid, but still poetic and powerful and lovely. One of the better offerings in the Cop!Blair genre.

Due South

When She Walks In The Room by Wax Jism - it's summarized "stuff happens. Angst ensues." It's not a happy story but it's a brilliantly written one, capturing the true fucked-uppedness of the obsession between Victoria and Fraser. I've recced it already, but after you finish this it would be wise to go read Wax's "Morning, Noon, Night" to get the taste of blood and Hopkins out of your mouth.

Leap and Thermoform by Kellie Matthews- I nearly always enjoy Kellie's stuff, but I'm particularly fond of this pair of stories, which showcase my favorite Ray's caretaking side. Bonus points are given for orginial use of thermal underwear.

Ravages by Livia- My very favorite drabble.

Un-American by Laura JV- A bit edgier in tone than most DS fic, but there is so much to like about it. My favorite bits are Ray and Stella's relationship, Tony and Sandor, and the special friend without pants.

Star Trek

Maybe I'm just a geek, but I LOVE Subroutines by julad and Anagi (Voyager.) What can I say, I'm a sucker for holodeck stories. Plus, it's Paris/Kim, The Cutest Of All Trekslash Couples.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

A Delicate Balance by Destina Fortunato- yes, I suppose it is an "Obi-Wan gets hurt on a mission" story. But it's so much more than that. Understated and fine. Plus, it's nice to see a mission that isn't a matter of life and death or galaxy-threatening evil for a change.

Crystallize by torch- torch is a master of the kind of delicate, subtle, masterful prose that makes one groan and throw down one's pen and say, "what's the use?" in a fit of writerly inferiority-complexiness. "Crystallize" is a story in which very little happens... and yet it does. Read. Learn. Enjoy. Especially strong Qui-Gon, as well, which is always a blessing.

An Uncommon Fear of Shifting by Analise- on the surface this is an Obi-Wan in Jeopardy! adventure plot. Underneath the surface, it's a fascinating character study of Qui-Gon Jinn. Utterly enjoyable on all levels.

Extraordinarily Resilient by Cori Lannam- one of the many AUs where Qui-Gon survives to see Obi-Wan knighted. It's time for the training bond to be broken- but it's not cooperating. I especially like the Obi-Wan characterization in this story.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

Skelping by the Mad Poetess- Like I said, unusual pairings. "Doyle/Wesley?" you cry. "But they never even met, did they?" Ah, ye of little faith. What barrier is that to a fic writer? This one has a great concept- and bonus points for excellent use of Phantom Dennis.

Wesley Rogue Demon by the Mad Poetess- I love Wesley, especially lately. And while I usually want to pair him up with Angel and/or Fred, I've got a soft spot a mile wide for Wesley/Gunn-- there's no finer study in contrasts and sexiness. This one is not your average W/G, though. Suspend your disbelief and join in. A charming, quirky, poignant story.

Is there any reccer on earth who hasn't recced Yahtzee's Phoenix Burning? Not anymore. If you only ever read one Buffy/Angel story, let it be this one. I don't care if you don't like Buffy/Angel. I don't care if you don't like Buffy. I don't care if you don't like Angel. Read it anyway. It's fantastic. It has plot! Tight, well-crafted plot. And original characters! Wonderful original characters. After you finish this story, you will want to write PB fanfic about the original characters. Trust me on this one. Post-"The Gift." Not slash.

Vivere by Ruthanna- What does it really mean to be alive? What will happen when Angel earns his reward? Are sprinkles really the dividing line between good and evil? Excellent use of Cordelia and Faith in this story earn it bonus points. Not slash.

Bizarre Love Triangle and its sequel, Girl A, Girl B, Vamp C by Lovesbitca are some of the funniest fics ever to come out of the Jossverse. I laughed until my stomach ached. Willow and Tara have an Idea. Some of the best bits in these stories are the small touches- like Willow's "Wiccans Do It Skyclad" sticker. Enjoy.

I liked the Pylea arc, and my favorite part of it was the Host's fabulously dysfunctional family. Discover why Mother wishes that she hadn't eaten Herneby in Dolores Labouchere's Dances With Groos.

April 26, 2001

I wasn't going to rec again too soon, but I absolutely had to rec Brighid's lovely, lovely DS story, "Skin Hungry." This was so beautifully done it brought tears to my eyes. It's wonderful to see Brighid joining the DS crowd!


April 20, 2001

OK, so I've always said that I didn't like Star Trek. I meant it at the time, I really did! But I just can't resist... Killashandra, I blame you entirely.

That said, this isn't themed at all. Just a bunch of recs for stories that caught my eye, one way or another. Enjoy.

A Few Romantic Stories:

"Moonrise" by Kellie Matthews (Due South - Fraser/RayK). I don't think Kellie is capable of writing anything that isn't beautiful, but this is more beautiful than most. A moonrise, a porch swing, a Mountie, a Chicago flatfoot with experimental hair. It looks like love to me.

"Morning, Noon, Night" by Wax Jism (Due South - Fraser/RayK). Oh, how I love stories like this. With cuddling and tenderness, but no schmoop- this is Wax, after all, which means spare, powerful prose. Just a little story, but so perfect it makes me want to cry. Why don't I ever have days like this?

"Abesse: How Like a Winter" by Fortuita James (Sentinel - Jim/Blair). A wonderful portrayal of need and substitutes, and what happens when you lose something you didn't realize you had. Fortuita made me feel what Jim was feeling.

The "Food" series by Kiff Scott (ST: Voyager - Paris/Neelix). OK, yes, I admit that the first thing I thought when I saw the pairing was "Neelix? EEEEEEWWWWWW." But, think about it. He's Talaxian. Humans probably look just as comical to him as he does to us. And he's really a great guy. And Kiff has written a surprisingly sweet series about love that doesn't care about appearances, and it made me all sniffly. So give it a chance, why dontcha.

The "Playboy of the Delta Quadrant" series by torch (ST: Voyager - Paris/Kim). P/K is just about the cutest slash pairing there is, I think, with the possible exception of Fraser/Kowalski on Due South. But there is just something so adorable about Tom and Harry together. Especially when Harry gets all earnest and defensive. So. Cutest Pairing Ever, written by Torch-- it's a Good Thing, yo.

A Few Funny Stories:

"Loft-i-ness" by James Walkswithwind and Wolfling with guest lines by Lori (Sentinel - Jim/Blair). Anyone who's read Sentinel LoftFic will howl at this scathingly clever parody. My favorite is "The Door You Put Up To Signify That My Presence Was Not Transient."

Viridian's "Affirmations" (X-Files, Mulder/Krycek) has got to be the funniest Krycek story ever. The original affirmations are great, and the way she ties them in is masterful. And dear, sweet Mulder, thinking "maybe I should go berserk more often. I almost kick ass that way." Snork. Read the story, and repeat after me: "I honor and express all facets of my being, regardless of state and local laws."

A Few Sad Stories:

"Carefully Everywhere Descending" by Jane St Clair (The Phantom Menace - Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan). Lovely, like all her stories are. I ache for Obi-Wan every time I read this: "How dare you let me love you if you were only going to give me up." When you're done, read the sequel, "Breath." It's much less sad, although there are still a few lines that reach right out from the screen and grab your guts and twist.

"Ghost in the Machine" by Killashandra (ST: TOS/Voyager - Kirk/Spock, Paris/Kim, Kirk/Paris (kinda)) Heartwrenching. Beautiful. It hurts so gooood. Don't let the pairing throw you off; it isn't what you think.

A Few Exciting Stories:

Nuclear Winter by Helmboy (ST: Voyager with dashes of TNG and DS9- Chakotay/Paris, Paris/Torres, Chakotay/Tabor, Riker/Troi, Bashir/O'Brien, various other pairings- what can I say, it's a long story). Wow, a Voyager novel with real, juicy plot! I was on the edge of my seat while reading this one. I was reading this as a WIP, and it was agonizing, but lucky you- it's now complete. There is intrigue and danger and spies and hermaphrodites and mental hospitals and secret prisons and double agents and... and... just read it. Trust me.

Snake Oil by Martha (Sentinel gen). I know, you're shocked- Maggie reccing a Sentinel story that does not involve Jim, Blair, and a bottle of Astroglide? But this is worth it. Creepy. Scary. Do not read in a room that is dark and/or deserted and/or makes suspicious noises.

A Few Unusual Stories:

Amirin's "V" and its sequel, "Volant," (ST: Voyager - Paris/Voyager (yes, THAT Voyager)) is, I think, a more unusual slash pairing than any I've read before- even that one Romano/Malucci ER story. But it's utterly captivating, in a kind of Asimovian/Space Odyessy way. Give it a try. I think you'll thank me later. And join me in begging Amirin to continue the series.

"God Shuffled Her Feet" by Jane St. Clair (Daria - Daria/Jane). Yes, I know. Daria femslash? What are you thinking, Maggie? But- it works. It really does.

The Bonding Series by Anne Higgins et al (The Phantom Menace - Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan). A Phantom Menace AU with an unusual premise. It can get a teeny bit too schmoopy, but I find it a satisfying read anyway.


February 26, 2001

This was going to be the "long stories" edition. But things have come up. I have an evil, evil friend who tantalizes me with snippets of good stuff and calls me and tells me to turn on the TV and watch Comedy Central for a minute and blinks innocently and says "I know that!" when I tell her I don't have TIME for a new fandom.

I am not falling for Sports Night.
I am not falling for Sports Night.
I am not falling for... dangit, who do I think I'm kidding? I'm so GONE. Dan and Casey have ensnared me. The dialogue is just so SMART. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for words.

So here we go. A whole bunch of Sports Night stories. The ones that made me fall in love despite having only seen five eps. <sigh> I'm NEVER going to get my thesis done.

So. We're off.

The ones that made me laugh:

I don't think I've ever laughed harder at a fanfic than I did at Amirin's "Creaming." But in order to get the full impact you need to read the entire "City of Death" series. In order. Trust me, you'll enjoy the experience. Just don't read it at work, or anywhere else where it would be a bad idea to burst out into loud laughter.

How in the world does Helen manage to write stories that are angsty and hilarious at the same time? It's a special gift. Read "Call of the Wild" to see what I mean. Then read "Semaphore" and "Unspoken" and... heck. Read everything she's written. All her stories are great. Yes, even those stories, and God knows I was reluctant to like them, or even to read them.

The one that made me cry:

Em Brunson's Dancing on Glass is the longest story in the entire Sports Night Archive. And it's still a WIP. But that doesn't matter, because it's tender and loving and sad and good. Read it, and you won't be sorry. But be aware that this story made me cry three times, so don't read it in public. And don't worry too much about the WIP status; it ends at a fairly well-resolved place.