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  • Proprietary (Post "That Old Gang of Mine")
    "He's saved us all, at one point or another"
  • The Click
    "There's like a click in your brain, and then you understand things again"


  • Driving at Night
    NOTE: I can't find this story, which was the first one I ever did. If anyone has a copy, can you email me?
  • Different
    "I don't want to ignore it," Lance said. "I'm going to have a press conference."
  • Belly
    "What's it say, firm, tighten, and tone?"
  • Blues Eye Bright
    He came in the first time on a Wednesday in October.
  • Maximum Exposure
    Old MacDonald had a trophy wife, Chris thought. E-I-E-I-O.

Due South

The Present Perfect Series:
A Fraser/Kowalski series with periodic episodes of Turnbull
"Use the present perfect tense when describing action which began in the past and continues in the present"

  • Status Quo
    "It wouldn't be so bad if you were just hot for his ass like everyone else "
  • O My America*
    "Being with you, out here, I'm the happiest I've ever been"
  • Emergent*
    "My grandmother always used to say that hunger was the best sauce"

The Kowalskio Tales:
A universe in which the Rays are shacked up
"I knew you two would get along"

  • Honestly Do*
    "Sometimes, Ray thought, looking dumb was worth it"

The Unfinished Business Series
In which Fraser spends rather a lot of time in the closet
"The Yank's a good man"

Other Stories
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"Fraser broke the towel rack again"


The Sentinel

The Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Series

  • Groundswell
    He stood in quiet support behind him and slightly to the left, with rain on his glasses.
  • Tail Wind
    "Sandburg," he said, "you smell like a girl"
  • Wind Shear*
    He felt like a voyeur, and it excited him

From Eroica With Love

  • Five Days in Padesca*
    "This is still about the Pope, isn't it? It's hardly fair to keep on about that after all this time."
  • Pied Beauty
    Glory be to God for dappled things.
  • The Bludger and the Snitch
    What if Dorian and Klaus went to Hogwarts? A Harry Potter crossover
  • Provenance
    (Written for Neery in the Yuletide 2006 Challenge)
    Even NATO has an office party. Even Iron Klaus sometimes gets a present he appreciates. And even thieves have honor, in their way.
  • New Employee Orientation
    (Written for akatonbo in the Yuletide 2007 Challenge)
    The first day of a new job is usually the hardest.

Star Wars

  • Linkaani
    "Welcome to the Jedi, Ray Kowalski."
    A crossover with Due South
  • The Uses of a Sandwich
    A few months after being taken as a Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi faces a challenge: meeting his Master's first apprentice.

The X-Files

  • Strange Glue*
    The end of the night never comes too quickly for me

Harry Potter

Other Fandoms

  • Not Just Any Body
    (The Venture Brothers, written for Person in the Yuletide 2004 Challenge)
    Dean sighed. Sometimes he wished Dad had been something normal instead of a super scientist.
  • Reasons Unexplained
    (Tweeter and the Monkey Man, written for neverbeen2spain in the Yuletide 2005 Challenge)
    Cocaine. Sequins. Blood. The walls come down, all the way to Vegas.
  • Ginger
    (Noel Streatfield's Ballet Shoes, written for Isilya in the Yuletide 2008 Challenge)
    Susan Smith had never wanted a husband and was quite sure she never would, but it wasn't as though she could convince Aunt Phoebe of that.
  • There Will Come Soft Rains
    (Smallville: Bradbury Title Challenge)
    The sunflowers were wilted. It had been a dry year.




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